INTERSECT 2024 programs include keynote speeches, panel discussions, and parallel tracks. All sessions will be conducted in English. We encourage everyone to participate synchronously to all events, but we will provide recordings for those remote listeners who cannot attend the event in real-time.

Time (in PDT) Time (in WIB) Event
5AM - 5:10AM 7PM - 7:10PM Welcoming remark
5:10AM - 6AM 7:10PM - 8PM Keynote #1: (Bu Atdikbud)
6:10AM - 7AM 8:10PM - 9PM Keynote #2: (Mbak Mustika)
7AM - 8AM 9PM - 10PM Flash talks for all accepted presentations
8AM - 9:30AM 10PM - 11:30PM Parallel tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
10AM - 1PM 12AM* - 3AM* Break
1PM - 3PM 3AM* - 5AM* INTERSECT Indonesia internal board meeting
3PM - 4PM 5AM* - 6AM* Break
4PM - 5:30PM 6AM* - 7:30AM* Parallel tracks: 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10
5:30PM - 7PM 7:30AM* - 9AM* Panel discussion #1: Fostering practical, solution-driven collaboration to address Indonesia's sustainability challenges
Dini Maghfirra

Dini Maghfirra (Satu Data - CDO & CGO)

Hendra Saputra

Hendra Saputra (Kuncie - CEO)

Roikhanatun Nafi'ah

Roikhanatun Nafi'ah (Crustea - CEO)

Andi Rosita Dewi

Andi Rosita Dewi (Gawirea - CEO)

Hanif Sulaiman

Hanif Sulaiman (ISA Stanford - Co-President)

7PM - 8PM 9AM* - 10AM* Keynote speech #3: (Pak Gita)
8PM - 9PM 10AM* - 11AM* Panel discussion #2: How can consulates, community leaders, and the Indonesian diaspora collaborate to advance sustainability initiatives?
Mansur Arief


Bari Hanafi

Indonesian Diaspora Network-United

Ilham Variansyah

Indonesians in PGH

Rizki Oktavian

Indonesians in the Bay Area

Rizki Oktavian

PERMIAS Nasional

9PM - 9:30PM 11AM* - 11:30AM* Announcements (best papers, best presentations, INTERSECT awards, and Young Researchers awards)
9:30PM - 9:45PM 11:30AM* - 11:45AM* Closing remark
9:45PM - 10PM 11:45AM* - 12PM* Networking
*The time is on the next day (August 3rd, 2024), WIB time zone.