Please use this template for your submission. The editable file is available below:

Please submit your full or extended abstract electronically through OpenReview as a .pdf, .docx, or .zip file. Should you encounter any issues during submission, feel free to reach out to the conference organizers at

Upon submission, your manuscript will undergo an initial review for suitability by the conference organizers. It may then be forwarded to two or more program committees for further review, or potentially rejected at this stage. To ensure a smooth review process, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. We seek high-quality papers that make significant theoretical and/or practical contributions. Submissions can be literature reviews, research papers, or short communications.
  2. Papers submitted to INTERSECT 2024 should not be copyrighted, previously accepted, or under review for other journals or conferences.
  3. Authors are responsible for securing the necessary permissions for any copyrighted material from third parties included in their paper.
  4. Papers must comply with publication ethics, ensuring they are free from plagiarism. In cases of multiple authors, all must be aware of and agree to the submission.
  5. The abstract, limited to one paragraph, should avoid formulas and references. It should outline the study’s background, research method, and key findings.
  6. The introduction must highlight the research’s background, the existing gap, and study objectives, connecting the paper to relevant literature.
  7. A literature review can be integrated within the paper, ensuring a clear link to existing research.
  8. The discussion should interpret results without repeating the findings, relating them to existing literature where appropriate.
  9. Number all equations for clarity.
  10. Tables should offer new information, not just repeat text, and be clearly numbered and captioned. Ensure tables are editable and not presented as images.
  11. Insert figures and tables directly into the paper with clear captions, avoiding placement at the end.
  12. Manuscripts should not exceed 8 pages, including figures and tables, but excluding references.
  13. Use APA style for referencing.
  14. Avoid footnotes and end-notes.
  15. Acknowledgements, particularly of funding sources, should precede the reference list.
  16. Use the provided templates (MS Word and LaTeX) for your manuscript without altering the format and style.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to INTERSECT 2024, and we look forward to your submissions.